It’s not too late to file a tax return to claim your missing stimulus money! The IRS extended the tax-filing deadline to May 17, 2021. Even after the deadline, you can still file to claim your money! If you do not owe any Federal taxes, then you can file your return after the deadline without a penalty - in fact, you have 3 years to claim your refund. For information on the Child Tax Credit, visit the Tax Help page.

Get your stimulus check

Most Illinoisans are eligible for Economic Impact Payments, or stimulus checks, from the federal government. Even if you have no income you may be eligible, but you might have to take action to receive your check.

The first round of stimulus checks started in April 2020. You could receive up to $1,200 ($2,400 for a married couple) and $500 for each eligible dependent. The second round of stimulus checks was approved on December 27, 2020. Eligible individuals could receive up to $600 per person ($1,200 for a married couple), and $600 for each dependent under the age of 17. A third round of stimulus checks has been approved for the spring of 2021.

Need a breakdown of each of the three rounds? Click here to view and download our infographic. If you're looking for a simpler PDF to download and/or print, click here.

If you still haven’t received your first check, you may still be eligible for both checks. This site will help take you through each step so you can get your payment.

Which round of checks are you interested in learning about today?

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