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The Get My Payment IL Coalition

A group of nonprofit organizations has come together to help ensure more hardworking, low-income Illinoisans are able to receive their stimulus checks and to receive these funds more quickly. The coalition includes Ladder Up, the Economic Awareness Council, New America Chicago, Heartland Alliance, Heartland Human Care Services, and Woodstock Institute.

Special Support from:

In July, the Get My Payment Illinois Coalition began awarding mini-grants to nonprofits committed to helping low-income Illinoisans receive their stimulus checks.

The following partners are now providing outreach services to hard-to-reach populations in low-income areas with limited bank and/or internet access.

  • Bella Ease (Quincy)
  • Carpenter's Place (Rockford)
  • Cunningham Township Supervisor's Office
  • Eagle's Nest (East St. Louis)
  • Quad Cities YWCA
  • South Fulton Counseling and Consulting (Fulton, Peoria, and Sangamon Counties)

Chicago area:

  • Center for Housing and Health
  • Chicago Coalition for the Homeless
  • Garfield Park Community Council
  • Housing Opportunities for Women
  • Inner Voice
  • Institute for Nonviolence
  • Night Ministry
  • North Lawndale Employment Network

If your organization is currently helping community members access their stimulus checks and you'd like to be added to our list of Illinois nonprofits serving the community, email us at outreach@getmypaymentil.org.

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Outreach and Assistance Strategies

The coalition launched a website, www.GetMyPaymentIL.org, on Friday, May 1, that provides clear language about the EIP and how to access it. The site also includes information about safe banking products and tax-filing options. A telephone hotline opened in May to field questions.

The coalition works with government and nonprofit partners to spread the word online through websites, social media, and e-newsletters. The coalition will also provide flyers and posters to organizations still providing in-person, essential services and training for case managers.

Contact the coalition at Outreach@GetMyPaymentIL.org to discuss how your organization can help more Illinois residents access their stimulus checks.

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