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A bank or credit union account will allow you to receive direct deposits for benefits payments, important funds like stimulus checks or even your paycheck - all more safely, quickly and in the comfort of your own home!

Entering your direct deposit banking information may help you get your stimulus check and/or any possible tax refund or credit faster! Without a bank account you may be waiting to get your check longer!

Bank On Certified accounts offer safe and affordable products WITHOUT surprise fees - such as overdraft, insufficient funds or inactivity fees.

All Bank On Certified accounts meet the following requirements:

  • Low opening deposit of $25 or less
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • Low monthly fees: typically zero or less than $5
  • No overdraft or other hidden fees

Banking will give YOU better access to YOUR money! With a Bank On Certified account, you will have your funds deposited to your debit card allowing you to make purchases and pay bills online, from your home, for free! This means you can stay at home and stay safe while still having the most secure access to YOUR money! You can also use your debit card with apps like Cash App, Venmo, GrubHub, Uber Eats, etc. that may help you to stay home and stay safe!

For most accounts you will need the following things to open your account online or in person:

  • A state ID or driver's license is required and some accept alternative IDs such as Matricula ID, foreign passports, green card, city key card, student ID, TVDL, and military IDs
  • Your social security number (or ITIN for some accounts)
  • A method for making a deposit or putting money in your account (usually a pre-paid debit card or credit card) *

* Some financial institutions are allowing accounts to be opened without a deposit and funded with the stimulus payment. Please check with each bank directly for more details.

Once you have signed up for a bank account, you can use it to get your payment faster when you file taxes. Have your new account number and routing number before you start the process. This will allow you to receive your stimulus check as a direct deposit.

If you do not choose to open a bank account, you will be sent a paper check or prepaid card, but this will take significantly longer. Be sure to use an accurate address that is not likely to change soon.

Click on the links below to open an account at one of our 12 Bank On Chicago partners.

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