It’s not too late to file a tax return to claim your missing stimulus money! The IRS extended the tax-filing deadline to May 17, 2021. Even after the deadline, you can still file to claim your money! If you do not owe any Federal taxes, then you can file your return after the deadline without a penalty - in fact, you have 3 years to claim your refund. For information on the Child Tax Credit, visit the Tax Help page.

Improving Cash Assistance Delivery: Lessons from the CARES Act

julio 17, 2020

Man showing his empty wallet

While Congress is debating potential future stimulus payments, hundreds of thousands of Americans are still waiting on their first $1,200 stimulus check (Economic Impact Payment) from the CARES Act. What’s more, while many middle and higher income people received their first stimulus check relatively quickly via direct deposit, many Americans experienced long delays, inaccuracies, a lack of clear information from the IRS, and other challenges in receiving the payment.

The Get My Payment IL Coalition has been working diligently to help eligible Illinoisans receive the stimulus payment. Based on our experience assisting thousands of people here in Illinois, we developed recommendations for the continued rollout of the first payment, in addition to the implementation of any future cash payments. Our recommendations are intended to ensure that as many people receive this critical financial support as possible to help families weather the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis. Download our recommendations.

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