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Digital Toolkit

Many Illinoisans who are hurting the most won’t receive a stimulus check without assistance. It's not too late but people may not realize they are eligible. With so many services shut down during the pandemic, it’s been harder than ever to get the word out to people in the community. We’ve created sample content and images for your website, newsletters, and social media to help you share these resources with clients.

Flyers for In-Person Services (Food Pantries, Schools, and Shelters)

If you are still serving people in person, help your clients find this website by downloading a flyer below. Sign up to receive printed copies of a matching poster. Handouts are also available below for clients without regular internet access.

Training for Staff

Many low-income Illinois residents still haven't received their stimulus checks. Mobilizing trustworthy nonprofit and government staff to help people get their stimulus checks is one of the most effective things we can do. If your staff is fielding questions about Economic Impact Payments or stimulus checks, we can provide training to help them answer questions.

A recording of our virtual training sessions in July are now available. The webinar includes:

  • How to tell if your clients are eligible for a stimulus check.
  • Determining whether your client should file taxes to receive the EITC or other additional money.
  • Tips on how to navigate the IRS Nonfilers site.
  • Special tips for working with different populations.

Register to be connected to the video here. When you register, you'll also have the opportunity to have your nonprofit or government agency added to a list of locations where people can receive assistance.

Support for Digital Divide, Homeless, or Other High Barrier Populations

The IRS is currently working through a huge backlog of paper forms due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, using the internet is the best bet to receive a stimulus check faster. If your clients don’t have computers, don’t have an address, or have another major barrier, you can walk them through the process. Handouts are available below to help prepare to fill out the IRS Non-filer site. Handouts are also available below for those who don't have access to this website. Sign up for the training above to learn how to help more clients through the process.

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